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About Cirque Aurora


Cirque Aurora is a contemporary circus performance company that brings elegant and bold physical artistry to events of all kinds. With years of experience performing everywhere from iconic stages to glacial ice caves, the Cirque Aurora team creates seamlessly integrated and top-notch immersive entertainment, prioritizing professionalism, safety, impact, personalized consultation, smooth booking process, and stress-free onsite execution. 

Based in the Canadian Rockies, Cirque Aurora draws inspiration from the beautiful mountain landscapes all around and the magical Northern Lights that dance overhead after dark. The Cirque Aurora team loves to bring the same sense of wonder and awe to their performances.


Sasha Galitzki

Founder and Director of Cirque Aurora, Sasha is a multi-disciplinary acrobat and the behind-the-scenes business lead keeping this show on the road!


Sasha discovered acrobatic arts in 2008 and after years of training, performing, and coaching across North America, is delighted to take the reigns of her own company and share the wonder and spectacle of circus arts throughout the Canadian Rockies, and beyond.

Sasha loves nothing more than pulling together wild & improbable productions - she's rigged & performed aerial over lakes, in blizzards, and even inside of glacial ice caves!

For more, follow Sasha's adventures @sasha_gali, check out an upcoming film about her work at @wildaerial or, or visit her website

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